2020 Decennial Census is Coming

Sharing this information for faculty and staff on behalf of the Middlebury Complete Count Committee:
Every ten years, the U.S. Constitution requires an enumeration of
all persons in the United States, commonly referred to as The
Census. The count produced by this effort will help determine how
more than $675 billion will be distributed to states and localities
annually for the next ten years through more than 65 federal
programs. These programs include special education funding,
school lunch programs, meals on wheels, fuel assistance,
Medicare, housing rehabilitation, community economic
development and revitalization block grants, early childhood
education and cooperative extension offices.
Vermont relies on federal money for roughly one-third of its
annual budget. George Washington University’s GW Institute of
Public Policy estimates that, in 2016 alone, nearly $2.5 billion in
funding flowed to Vermont via 55 large federal spending
programs. The potential impact of a Census under-count,
therefore, can be significant.

April 1, 2020 is Census Day
This year, for the first time, you will have three options for
participating in the Census: online, by telephone, or with a
traditional, short-form written response. Look for your invitation to
respond in the mail or at your door.
It is critical that everyone
participate and that all household members be counted. The 2020
Decennial Census will be available online in mid-March.
Please do your part to make sure that Middlebury and all of
Addison County counts!
For more information, check out the
2020 Decennial Census page
on the Town of Middlebury website!