Join DLINQ’s 2020 Digital Detox

DLINQ invites you to join the 2020 Digital Detox, which will focus on attention in the digital attention economy. As with previous Detoxes, the 2020 Detox will offer two email-based newsletters in the month of January filled with information, reflections, activities, and resources to help you engage with this topic. We will explore how the attention economy drives the design of digital environments, impacts our relationships to and through digital tools, impacts our ability to attend to important things, and extracts our data for the profits of corporations. We’ll also share the impact of the digital attention economy on students and explore strategies for bringing focus back to learning. Topics may include: self care as activism, the impact of automation/AI on attention, noticing in the digital world, thwarting attention metrics in digital platforms, “tree time,” and more! This January, focus your attention on the 2020 Digital Detox. Sign up today!