Institute Holds 3-day Training on Restorative Practices

In effort to build community and foster more collaborative decision-making, the Middlebury Institute held a three-day training on restorative practices in mid-November on the campus in Monterey.

These practices are emerging many student life departments in universities, but can be applied more widely to foster creativity, collaboration, and well-being at the workplace. The training was guided by facilitators from the International Institute for Restorative Practices.

This training was also offered on the College campus several times in the recent past.

Future training are likely in the works, but interested faculty and staff can learn more at the  International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP):

·         What is Restorative Practices?

·         Defining Restorative

o    Social Discipline Window

o    Restorative Practices Continuum

o    Nine Affects and the Compass of Shame

o    Fair Process

o    Restorative Conferences (including the restorative questions)

o    Circles

Ask any of these training participants about their experience to learn more:

Ashley Arrocha, Student Services

Laura Burian, Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education

Jeff Dayton-Johnson, VP Academic Affairs

Lydia Gentry, Library

Alisyn Gruener, Student Services

Jeni Henrickson, Office of Digital Learning & Inquiry

Rana Issa, Language Studies Faculty

Pamela Jungerberg, Library

Carolyn Taylor Meyer, Immersive Professional Learning

Betty Nguyen, Events Management

Grace O’Dell, Center for Advising & Career Services

Melissa Sorenson, Organizational Development

Patricia Szasz, Language and Professional Programs

Toni Thomas, Academics

Scott Webb, Center for Advising & Career Services

Julianne Merry, Alumna MAIEM ’15

Thanks to Melissa Sorenson for organizing this training with the IIRP.