CHANGE IN PAYROLL DEADLINE FOR BW14 2019 (check date 7/05/19)

Please read the following change to the time entry/approval deadline for BW14 (pay date 07/05/19). This change is required to accommodate for the July 4th holiday*. Note: this is a change to the time entry/approval deadline only; there is NO change to the pay date.

Pay period BW14 (06/17/19 – 06/30/19):

• Deadline for submitting AND approving time – Monday, 07/01/19 12:00pm

• Paychecks and direct deposits issued and dated – Friday, 07/05/19

*July 4th is a federal holiday and a floating holiday for the College. The Payroll and Human Resources Offices will be closed that day. Payroll processing must be accelerated to accommodate for the closed day.

Please inform all your staff of this change in the payroll schedule

Thank you, Payroll/Human Resources