August EFAP News- Heading Back to School

Heading back to school after a summer off can be challenging for students. It can be difficult to switch gears and get back into the routine of school, homework and studying. Here are some tips to help your student develop their homework and study skills and improve their overall performance in school.

Get organized – Students have a lot going on. Between multiple classes, homework, tests and extracurricular activities, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Planners can help keep track of activities, due dates and tests, so your student can keep track and prepare for what’s next. 

Provide structure and boundaries – Study habits are just that – habits. They are created with practice, over time. To help your student develop good study habits, provide structure and boundaries for time dedicated to homework and studying. The amount of time will vary for children of different ages. Setting aside time after school as dedicated “homework and study” time, starting when children are young, will help them continue the habit as they get older and their work load intensifies. Also, restricting access to distractions like TV, internet and phones using parental controls or simply making them unavailable during this time will help increase productivity.

Find support – Not all students work best on their own. In fact, most students benefit from working in groups, especially if they are struggling with a concept. Supporting your student in developing a study group can help them learn quickly and effectively.

Webinar – This month, be sure to register to attend the webinar “Bullying” to learn more about how bullying affects youth, and how you can support your child. A full description and registration information is listed in the sidebar to the right. If you’re unable to attend, you can log on to the website at a later time to view the archived presentation.


August 22nd


Most everyone has heard about the rise of bullying in schools, on the playing field, and online. This seminar discusses some of the reasons for this distressing trend, how to recognize when your child is being bullied and ways to handle the situation.


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