MiddCORE comes back to Monterey!

The award-winning 4-week MiddCORE program returns to Monterey this July with classes held at the downtown Middlebury Institute campus and participants residing at the beautiful Asilomar Conference Center, home to a breathtakingly gorgeous 107 acres of ecologically diverse beachfront land and a short walk from a monarch butterfly migration stopping ground. On July 3 Middlebury Institute Professor Shalini Gopalkrishnan joined mentors Christal Brown, and Erin Quinn for sessions on Networking, Leadership, and Financial Literacy.

MiddCORE is a mentor-driven, experiential-learning program that builds skills, creates opportunities, and expands networks for tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.

One person with an idea, even with a great idea, changes nothing. Visionaries succeed with leadership skills, communications skills, and entrepreneurial insights. Building those skills and insights is the CORE of MiddCORE.

The key to the MiddCORE experience is our mentors. Each has a proven record of accomplishment in their fields, and a demonstrated ability to teach others the tools for success. MiddCORE mentors develop hands-on challenges that inspire students to think creatively, operate outside their comfort zone, and deal with ambiguity. They help students build capacities, identify opportunities, and become effective leaders. Students leave confident, resourceful, and prepared to lead. (See our testimonials).

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