Guidelines at MIIS for Timesheet Completion and Submission

Due to staffing changes in the MIIS-HR office, and to comply with Federal and State regulations, we would like to remind employees, and especially managers/supervisors, of their responsibilities when it comes to timesheet completion and submission. As you are aware, timesheets are submitted by all employees bi-weekly in order for the Payroll Office (Middlebury) to produce checks/direct deposits. Managers/supervisors are responsible for ensuring the accurate reporting of time worked by employees they supervise, and for approving timesheets before the bi-weekly deadline.  Fulfilling these responsibilities ensures employees are paid correctly every payday.

Highlighted here are a few employee and manager/supervisor responsibilities:

·         Employee:

o   Enter time worked daily to ensure hours are accurately recorded (actual hours worked and not scheduled hours)

o   Verify hours worked, both regular and overtime* (refer to bi-weekly timesheet reminder for overtime and missed meal period information)

o   Submit timesheet by the established departmental deadline

o   GA’s: monitor multiple positions to ensure hours do not overlap

·         Manager/Supervisor:

o   Ensure non-exempt employees enter their time daily

o   Ensure all timesheets are submitted by the established deadline

o   Carefully review timesheets for accuracy: accurate recording of time worked, unpaid meal periods, missed meal periods, overtime (refer to bi-weekly timesheet reminder email for overtime and missed meal period information. Note: requirements are different outside of California)

o   Make necessary arrangements when away from the office (notify proxy or arrange to approve timesheets from your out-of-office location)

Employers are required by California law to maintain an accurate record of employees’ hours of work and compensation for a minimum of four years.  Additionally, California employers are obligated to pay an employee on the established payday even when the employee fails to submit a timesheet.  For these reasons, and in order to meet our legal, fiscal, and employee compensation responsibilities, it is important that managers/supervisors ensure timesheets are completed in a timely and accurate manner.

Your efforts in this process are greatly appreciated.


Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Michael Ulibarri