Travel Resource for Middlebury Staff and Faculty

About the Middlebury Travel Exchange

The “Middlebury Travel Exchange” is a newly created resource to offer useful information that will help staff and faculty prepare for travel between Monterey and Middlebury. It’s especially for people who have never traveled between the College and Institute before, but may be helpful for seasoned travelers as well.

It is created on Middlebury’s Canvas platform, and functions like a very short course with three modules:

  • General Travel
  • Travel to Monterey, CA
  • Travel to Middlebury, VT

Staff and faculty with Middlebury credentials can log in and “enroll” in the course to view the resource. The link to join is here:


This informal resource comes out of a recommendation from the Institute campus’s Organizational Transparency and Information Sharing (OTIS) task force.

More About Travel

Please see the link for “Travel, Entertainment, and Expense Policy and Procedures” on this Middlebury Policy Page for official guidelines from the Controller’s Office – Accounts Payable Department for reimbursement of travel, entertainment, and business expenses.

Questions or Suggestions

Questions about how to navigate this resource? Got something useful to add? Feel free to contact Melissa Sorenson with general suggestions to make this guide better.