Retirement Transitions

Individuals who end employment after having worked for Middlebury in a benefits-eligible status for a minimum of ten years past the age of forty-five qualify as “Middlebury Retirees”.

Name Type Retirement Date Department
James Logan Staff 5/2/2017 Dining Services
Ella Hoague Staff 5/18/2017 Public Safety
Anna Bishop Staff 5/19/2017 Facilities Services
Diane DiLoreto Staff 5/22/2017 Student Life
Brenda Fizur Staff 5/25/2017 School of Hebrew
Annette Jack Staff 5/26/2017 Parton Center for Health and Wellness
Joy Pile Staff 6/2/2017 Library
Julie Rheaume Staff 6/6/2017 Registrar Office
Christie Tam Staff 6/16/2017 Library (MIIS)
John Huddleston Faculty 6/30/2017 Studio Art
Peggy Nelson Faculty 6/30/2017 Sociology/Anthropology
Roger Sandwick Faculty 6/30/2017 Chemistry/Biochemistry
Ira Schiffer Staff 6/30/2017 Chaplain’s Office
Linda Schiffer Staff 6/30/2017 Commons Office- Cook
Greg Vitercik Faculty 6/30/2017 Music