February EFAP News: Assessing Financial Stability


Improving Your Credit Score

Thursday, February 23rd

12-1pm and 3-4pmEST

This session will help you understand the importance of your credit score and suggest changes that will help you achieve good credit standing. We will explain how the FICO system works, what affects your credit score, and how you can use this information to improve it.

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Are You and Your Partner on the Same Page Financially?

Disagreements about money and finances are some of the leading problems facing families today. Below are a few tips that will help to improve communications and money management as you and your spouse or partner engage in a financial check-up.
Develop a household budget together. This is perhaps the hardest thing for individuals or couples to do. It is very useful to sit down to review the expenses that you anticipate for the coming years and set spending priorities for either yourself or for the family.
Reach an agreement on areas to cut back. Develop short- and long-term plans to reduce spending on a few types of expenses. This will lead to a sense of cooperation and teamwork. Setting a few reasonable goals can help create hope and a sense of control whether you live with others or live alone.
Have a rule about big expenses. All decisions to spend over a certain dollar amount should be discussed ahead of time. Seeing yourselves as financial partners will enhance trust and intimacy.
Don’t cover-up financial problems. As difficult as it is to admit that there is a money problem, putting off the discussion will only lead to more serious problems. One of the benefits of sharing challenges with trusted friends or family members is to share the responsibility of solving the problem.  Remaining silent will only lead to greater mistrust later.
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