Andrea Olsen and Nukhet Kardam offer lecture/workshop series on “Embodied Intelligence”

Nukhet Kardam, professor of Development Practice and Policy at the Middlebury Institute, and Andrea Olsen, Middlebury professor of Dance “on loan” to the Institute for the spring semester, have collaborated to offer a series of lectures and workshops connected to the Sprintensive theme of “social change for social justice.” Andrea and Nukhet are team-teaching a Sprintensive course on Communicating in a Changing World. The first lecture in the series, on February 17, features Middlebury’s Associate Provost for Digital Learning, Amy Collier who will speak about “Embodiment and the Digital: Constructing and Deconstructing the Body,” reflecting on the role of body intelligence when communicating in virtual space, amplifying the ways we can use technology to enhance social change rather than diminish exploration and creativity. The series is funded by a grant from the Fund for Innovation.