Tips for increasing your chance of sustainable New Year’s Resolutions.

As 2017 comes to a start, many of us are moved to make resolutions involving our health and lifestyle behaviors. We take stock of where we are and where we want to be. This can be extremely useful as we envision the health that we want – both short-term but even more importantly, long-term.

Unfortunately, many a good resolutions are soon abandoned to the well grooved patterns of our busy and sometimes unpredictable life events. I argue that this isn’t because we lack willpower or desire for positive changes; it’s because changing a lifelong habit is challenging and requires a systematic approach, support, and self-compassion when we have setbacks.

Here are my top 5 tips for making change:

  1. Ask yourself WHY you want this change. When meeting with clients this is where we always start: connection to why they actually want their health. We envision what change looks like and how that feels. This can be a big motivator as you move forward, as it grounds you in what is really important to YOU.
  2. Create your big goal and then break it down into small steps. Success begets success, so start with what you know you CAN do and then build from there. Real, sustainable change happens in tiny increments. I often tell my clients, make the first steps so small that you have absolute certainty that you can do them; as much certainty in the change as you have in the sun rising each morning.
  3. Share your goals with others that can support you in your journey. This may be a friend, a group of colleagues, or a professional. Or all of the above! I work with clients that use virtual groups and apps for this as well.
  4. Choose a goal that excites you and has the potential to bring you joy – and not just 20 years from now, but joy NOW. If the goal is a ‘should’: pick a new goal. Experiencing success in one part of your life can increase your energy and motivation to apply the success to a more challenging area of your life.
  5. Create a back-up plan based on likely barriers or challenges you may encounter. And maybe even have a back-up plan for your back-up! J

Consider me as a resource as well. I am here to partner with you in your journey toward optimal health! My role is as a guide in the process of change – helping you created a step-by-step plan in order to incorporate new healthy and life nourishing behaviors into your daily routine. I invite you to email me at: or call 443-3621.