Facilitated Conversations Go Virtual


Envisioning Middlebury committee members engage in a brainstorming exercise.

As part of Envisioning Middlebury, we have been holding facilitated conversations since last spring to capture a wide range of answers to the questions “Who are we and what are our deepest values?” “What does the future look like?” and “Where do we want to go?” One of the first things we learned is that the conversations got more interesting when they included the perspectives of multiple roles, across multiple programs. This fall’s conversations are being held via videoconference, so that faculty, staff and students from the Institute and the College can mix things up, sharing the things that are different from program to program, and the things we have in common.  Facilitator Tobi Marcus is alternating between the two campuses, and is just completing a week in Vermont.  In October, she will be in Monterey, but folks from the Middlebury campus are encouraged to participate.  Participants from both campuses can sign up online.

Also this week, the Envisioning Middlebury Steering Committee and the Envisioning Middlebury Advisory Committee held their kick-off meeting, with most members gathered on the Middlebury campus, and others joining from Monterey, Madrid, and Massachusetts – a definite M-theme there – and New York. You can learn more about these two committees and their work on the Envisioning Middlebury website. Look for them to engage with the community in a variety of ways as they to develop a Vision and Strategic Directions for Middlebury.