MSA August Newsletter



Want to retire carefree? Join us as we provide the tips you need for a solid retirement plan. For those of you who do not know the opportunities available, we will provide an overview of retirement plans and savings options. There are many things you need to consider since the cost of living will be different in the future. Our class offers calculations on what to expect and how to meet monthly expenses. Leave this class with the confidence and ability to explore your options and learn how to accomplish your retirement goals.

12:00 pm EST SIGNUP

3:00 pm EST SIGNUP

Assess Retirement Income

Will you be financially stable in retirement? Whether you’re thirty days or thirty years away from retirement, now is the time to assess your future income.



Financial Peace of Mind

On August 25th @ 12pm EST, attend our webinar to hear about your opportunity to work with a Money Coach to overcome financial stress and achieve your financial dreams



Live Financial Forum

Join us on August 24th @ 12pm EST for the opportunity to ask our panel of experts any financial question you might have and get the answers you need.


Take Action and Win!

You get the chance to win cool prizes, when you engage in the financial wellness program, work with a Money Coach, and attend classes.