Humanities Lunch Exchange on April 12: When is Less More?

Faculty and staff are invited to the April Humanities Lunch Exchange on Tuesday, April 12. For lunch, please email by Noon on Thursday, April 7. Details below.

“When is Less More?”
Discussion: Tuesday, April 12, 12:20 to 1:20 p.m. with lunch available at Noon
McCullough Crest Room

The trajectory of a student’s education involves many decisions about quantity, decisions by the students themselves, and decisions by educators. How much to “cover” in a course? How many courses to take? How many majors? How many courses to allow in a major? How many minors? When should students be asked to read less, but to read more closely?

We surmise that everyone has faced these or similar questions. Please bring your own questions and reflections to the next Humanities Lunch Exchange, on April 12 at 12:20 p.m. in the McCullough Crest Room. (Lunch will be available at Noon).

This article from Faculty FocusMore Content Doesn’t Equal More Learning” is relevant (but hardly required!) reading for the conversation.

The broad purpose of the Humanities Lunch Exchange is to encourage conversation about the humanities in the community, particularly among faculty and staff, in order to broaden understanding, to promote friendship, and to have fun.