SensusAccess – Alternate Media Solution

The Advisory Group on Disability, Access, and Inclusion, CTLR, and Academic Technology Group are delighted to announce a new service available to the Middlebury community: SensusAccess. This service enables the conversion of files into a wide range of alternative formats. For example, users can have a PDF or Word document converted into an mp3, e-book, Daisy, or Braille. SensusAccess also allows users to convert commonly inaccessible documents—like scanned images or image-only PDFs—into more accessible formats.

How can this be useful? Different formats create greater opportunities to learn and to engage. For example, when you’re traveling, taking a walk, or working in a dimly lit space, an audio version of an article might be more accessible than a print version. SensusAccess works with multiple languages (although it does not translate across different languages), too. Processing time may vary, but usually takes between a few minutes and a few hours. It is available 24/7.

Students, faculty, staff and alumni with working Middlebury College and MIIS email accounts have unlimited, free access to this service.

For instructions, FAQ, and contact information click on the following links:



We encourage everyone to try out this service.

Bill Koulopoulos

Director, Academic Technology Group