This is an update for all Middlebury College Driver’s License holders. Please review the following important information.

Roadside Assistance
Middlebury College has selected the National Automobile Club as our roadside assistance provider. If you are driving a Middlebury rental vehicle and require service (including towing, jump starts, tire change, lockouts, fuel delivery, mechanical issues), call Fleet Rescue at (800)328-7272. Service is available anytime, day or night. No cash outlay is required. All Middlebury rental vehicles have detailed Fleet Rescue instructions located in the vehicle for reference.

Winter Travel Policy
Winter driving conditions require increased caution and attentiveness in conjunction with good judgment to help ensure safety for you and your passengers. Failure to follow these practices may result in the suspension or revocation of your Middlebury Driver’s License.

  • Drivers are responsible for monitoring weather reports and travel advisories beginning 48 hours prior to departure and regularly during travel. Please note the following links:
    o Vermont 511:
    o NOAA Eastern Region Headquarters:
    o NOAA National Map:
  • If NOAA issues a Warning/Advisory for the travel area, drivers are responsible for determining an alternate travel plan. Options may include cancelling or postponing the trip, modifying departure/return times or using public transportation.
  • If a NOAA warning or advisory is in effect for student organization travel, the driver must consult with their advisor or cluster manager to review alternate travel plans. If the student is unable to reach their cluster manager, they should contact Public Safety at (802) 443-5133.
  • Completely clear ALL vehicle windows of condensation, frost, snow or ice before beginning to drive. Make sure your headlights are clear.
  • Give yourself extra time to reach your destination.
  • Increase your following distance behind other vehicles to compensate for reduced reaction times and longer braking distances.
  • Increase your visibility to others. Use your headlights to ensure your vehicle is visible to other drivers.