Active Threat: How to Respond

While an active threat on campus, also called active shooter or armed threat, is unlikely, the results of such an incident can be tragic.  Middlebury College has therefore approved a community education program created by members of the college’s Emergency Management Team to provide you with guidance on preparing your personal safety plan should the worst occur.

Active Threat Response:  A Community Education and Preparedness Program is scheduled for Tuesday, September 29th from 12:30 to 1:00 PM in Axinn 232.  Students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend.  The 30 minute program will include an overview of emergency planning and preparedness at Middlebury.  Emergency Management Team members Melody Perkins (Public Safety) and Jennifer Kazmierczak (Environmental Health and Safety) are the presenters.  There will be an opportunity for individual questions after the presentation.