Lunar Eclipse Viewing at the College Observatory – 27 September 2015

The Physics Department at Middlebury College will host viewing of the upcoming total lunar eclipse at the College Observatory. The Observatory, located atop McCardell Bicentennial Hall, will be open to the public for viewing the moon on Sunday evening, September 27, from 8:30 PM until 10:30 PM, provided the skies are mostly clear.

Viewing of the lunar eclipse will happen from the roof deck with smaller telescopes as well as with the unaided eye. Please note that for this event, the larger computer-controlled 24-inch telescope in the Observatory dome will not be available. The moon is best appreciated with the larger field of view of a smaller telescope or without any telescope at all. The larger telescope is scheduled to be available for stargazing during a subsequent public open house night this fall.

This Eclipse Viewing at the Observatory is free and open to the public, but will take place only if the sky is at least mostly clear. If the weather appears uncertain, visitors may call the observatory at 443-2266 or visit the Observatory web site, after 6:30 PM on the evening of the Eclipse Viewing for a status report. More information can also be found at go/observatory .