July EFAP News: Unplug to Recharge


Technology has provided new ways to stay connected to friends, family, and the workplace. But some studies have shown that all this connectivity may lead to more stress and sleep disturbance and make it harder to connect with people outside of the virtual world. By giving ourselves a rest from technology, especially after work hours, we can better recharge our mental batteries.

LifeScope can help with:

  • Articles and tip sheets on  managing technology usage, connecting with friends and family, and mindfulness
  • Audio on daily relaxation tools
  • Video on meditation
  • Information on community recreation and volunteering
  • 24/7 access to confidential counseling to support efforts to improve ‘technology-life’ balance

This free webinar will review practical tips for managing your devices and applications to help eliminate distraction and create more focus in your personal and professional life. To register, log on to www.LifeScopeEAP.com with your institution username and password. In the middle of the homepage, click on ‘Online Seminars‘ then “Information Overload” to sign up. If you are unable to attend, look for the archived webinar under Online Seminars, approximately 7-10 days after the live presentation.

July Tips for Taking Action

You may also be interested in viewing the following tip sheets, which can be found by logging on to www.LifeScopeEAP.com with your institution username and password, and clicking on the ‘Monthly Communications’ button on the top left corner of the homepage.

“Is Your Teenager Bored? How About Volunteering?” – If you find that your adolescent has a considerable amount of downtime, or becomes easily bored when not doing something that involves electronics, volunteering may be a way for your child to explore a new interest, plan for the future, or pursue a hobby or skill. This article lists types of volunteer opportunities and community organizations you might consider as a starting point.

“More Face Time, Less Screen Time”- As certain technologies begin to feel more like a necessity and less like a luxury, some people are finding that they tend to spend less time relating to other people face-to-face. This article provides suggestions for how to re-establish these connections and the benefits of doing so.

“Nomophobia”- Do you experience anxiety or panic over losing your phone, cell reception or battery life? Do you obsessively check for missed calls, e-mails, and texts? Do you miss out on opportunities for face-to-face interactions? If so, you may have cell phone addiction or nomophobia – an abbreviation of “no-mobile-phone-phobia.” Read this article to learn more.

The July Calendar, Poster/Webinar Promo, and Spanish Language Poster can also be accessed on the member website by clicking on the ‘Monthly Communications’ button on the top left corner of the homepage.

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