Contemporary Teaching in The Liberal Arts – Winter Term Series

Lunch will be served at each event in the Center for Teaching, Learning & Research 12 – 1 pm. Please RSVP using the sign up form at least two days in advance of the event. Thank you.

Monday, January 5th 2015 11:00-12:00

Liberal Arts in Flux: the 21st-Century Landscape

The academy faces many challenges: financial, demographic and pedagogical. The liberal arts landscape is changing.This session will be a discussion of how these pressures are shaping teaching and learning and how the liberal arts in general and Middlebury, in particular, can best build on their strengths as they move forward. This session will serve as an introduction to the entire series.

Thursday, January 8th 2015 11:00-12:00 

Classroom Discussion Part I: The Art of Engaged Academic Conversation

In this session we will explore three methods to deepen and unify discussion in the classroom: using informal writing assignments to help students prepare, encouraging students to take responsibility for both initiating and shaping discussion, and facilitating a conversation that incorporates and extends individual comments.

Monday, January 12th 2015 11:00-12:00

Teaching with (and about) Digital Technologies

How can students engage critically with technology in the classroom? How can digital assignments further pedagogical goals? Join Jason Mittell (FMC), Carrie Anderson (HARC), and Alicia Peaker (DLA) for a discussion of these questions, and some practical examples of implementing digital technologies in the classroom.

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