Staff Annual Performance Summary (APS) Process

The annual performance evaluation process for staff members takes place between January 1 and March 31 of each year.  As the evaluation season approaches, we would like to provide an update regarding the 2014 APS process. 

Following much discussion over the past year involving the Total Compensation Committee and our administration, the College has renewed its commitment to “pay for performance”.  Accordingly, we will continue the practice of assessing job performance over the past year and determining an overall performance designation associated with each staff member’s eligibility for a pay increase. 

In support of feedback over the past year, Human Resources will be assisting staff and supervisors to clarify what it means to meet or exceed performance expectations.  Additionally, the APS will include an assessment of managers’ and supervisors’ performance with regard to working with direct reports and key stakeholders on effective communication, working relationships, work load prioritization and performance management.    

The 2014 form is located at  As in past years, supervisors will be required to schedule an APS meeting with each of their staff members.  Supervisors are responsible for assessing the staff member’s job performance over the past 12 months and determining an overall performance designation.  They are also responsible for working with the staff member to determine goals and needs for ongoing support for the upcoming year.  Staff members are responsible for completing their self-assessment and are encouraged to provide information to support their view on their own job performance.  Staff members should also identify their goals and needed support for the next year. 

Open workshops for supervisors and staff will begin in January.  These sessions will review the overall process, share best practices for effectively collecting and summarizing performance information, and introduce a new tool to help clarify what it means to meet or exceed expectations.  Workshop dates, times and locations are forthcoming later in December.

In the meantime, individual support is available to all supervisors and staff members and department specific consulting and training is available upon request.  Feel free to contact the Human Resources “APS Hotline” with any questions – extension 5465, option 1.