United Way of Addison County: What It Is, and How You Can Help: November 22 and 25 Lunchtime Presentations

Everyone has heard of United Way. Have you ever wondered what United Way really does?
Have you thought, “What does United Way have to do with me?” , “How/why would I get involved?”, “Is it going to cost me money?”

Involvement can take many forms; it may be through volunteering, through advocating, or maybe giving. Middlebury College is a large community within the larger community of Addison County; we will talk about the many ways that you can be an integral part of the amazing and hard work going on in the non-profit sector of our community and how to get started.
Please join us on November 22 or 25 in Axinn 100 at noon and find out! We will answer those questions and more. Yes, United Way does have something to do with you and there is a reason for you to be involved!

Bring your lunch. We’ll provide dessert.

More information about United Way of Addison County can be found at their website.