Composting perfection – a few bins away

Middlebury College is a world class composting powerhouse. We are higher ed champions of turning food waste into rich compost that nourishes the soil of the campus landscape. Most of what would be landfilled and wasted is used – except for a few locations around campus. And now, a nearly perfect composting system is within our reach.

You can make the difference simply by requesting a small compost bucket designed for use in your work space, kitchenette, or recycling area. Join your colleagues in 85 other locations around campus who have piloted a test program for the past several years with grant support from the Environmental Council and help from the Campus Sustainability Coordinators. 

At your request, Facilities will deliver a green compost bin and custodial staff will empty it regularly with their recycling and waste pickups. It’s simple and convenient and it’s working. Just email with the location where you’d like to have a compost bin. Thanks!