Workshop Offering: Conflict as a Growth Opportunity

Conflict as a Growth Opportunity 

Tuesday July 16th 2013, 9 am -12:00 pm (full) or  1:00-4:00 pm  (a few seats left!!!)

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(Space is limited!)

location: Mitchell Green Lounge

Course Outline:

Conflict is a natural part of business and life. The natural give and take between people is a healthy way to create “constructive discontent” and discover new approaches to challenges. Most people view conflict as being a less than positive experience that creates barriers to opportunity. Conflict situations are frequently complicated and difficult to resolve. Using the right approaches, you can deal with conflicts in effective ways that resolve the issues while maintaining positive relationships. In this workshop you will discuss the ways that you can learn, grow, and expand your professional skills through your engagement in conflict situations.

Main Learning Objectives:

1. Identify the steps of the Conflict Cycle

2. Talk through a conflict issue in a respectful manner

3. Create an environment of trust and open communication

4. Use the Dale Carnegie Human Relations Principles to enhance working relationships

5. Commit to applying new strategies for managing conflict


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Led by: Agnes M. Cook, Dale Carnegie Training of Vermont