CTO Maximums and Transferring Time to SLR

Throughout the year each employee is responsible for managing his/her CTO amounts within the applicable limits. Remember, if you allow your balance to reach maximum during any pay period except the final one of the fiscal year, your excess accrual does not automatically transfer to SLR – instead you will stop accruing and forfeit the un-accrued CTO time.

Checking Your Leave Balances

In BannerWeb go to Employee > Time Off Current Balances and History. If you are getting close to the CTO max amounts below, transfer some of your CTO to SLR.

CTO Maximum Amounts

Date CTO Maximum in Days CTO Max. in hours for employees w/ scheduled 8 hour days CTO Max. in hours for employees w/ scheduled 7.75 hour days  
As of the last full pay period of June 24 192 186
Any other time 36 288 279


Transferring CTO to SLR

You may also transfer your own CTO at any time. When you report your time via BannerWeb, enter the number of hours you wish to transfer on the web time sheet in the row titled “Transfer CTO to SLR.”