25 Years @ Midd with Martin Beatty

beatty2In this post we recognize Martin Beatty, Track Coach and Faculty member in Physical Education for his 25 years of service to Middlebury. Martin shares with us the variety of roles that he has held over the years, his best birthday ever, as well as his tips for balancing work and life outside of Midd when things get hectic. Read on to learn more about why Martin has known since his senior year of high school that Middlebury is right where he wants to be. 

What did you do prior to work at Middlebury College and where were you located?

I was a Graduate Fellow in History for two years at Trinity College (CT) and was an assistant coach in football, women’s basketball and track and field.

What job titles have you held while working at Middlebury?

Head Coach of Indoor and Outdoor track and field, Faculty Head of Cook Commons ’94-’01, Director of Club Sports, Assistant football coach, assistant basketball coach

Take us back to your first year as an employee at the College. What were the most significant things happening in your life outside of work then?

During the summer after my first year working here, my wife and I drove for six weeks around the country. We knew that enjoying each other on that trip for six weeks meant that we could spend the rest of our lives together.

What are the most significant things happening in your life outside of work now (that you’d like to share)?

I am at that stage of parenthood that my life revolves around the activities of the kids. It is not easy to keep up with everything, but I enjoy attending what I can.

BHave your interests/hobbies/athletic endeavors changed over the past 25 years? Have any of these been influenced by your work at the College or due to your association with others who work here?

For many years, one of my hobbies was running, and our faculty/staff lunchtime basketball games. I enjoyed it for the workout, the love of the game, and the social aspects of playing with other terrific members of the faculty and staff, whom I do not often see day to day. Since being diagnosed with hip arthritis, I’ve had to curtail those activities. Now outside of work and watching my kids’ sports, I really enjoy cycling. This is a fairly new hobby for me. I just splurged on a new bike and am very excited to ride on the rural roads of Addison County. I also enjoy water skiing on Lake Champlain.

What is your fondest memory or experience that you’ve had while working at Middlebury?

The memory that sticks out the most is during my first year back working at Middlebury, when I met my future wife on my birthday. That was the best birthday one can have.

Many people change jobs/careers multiple times in their working life. Something must have kept you here for 25 years. Is it anything that you can put into words?

The people and the magic of Middlebury College, the Green Mountains, boating on Lake Champlain in the summer. What other place can be better?

What are your plans for the next 25 years?

Wow, what a question. In the immediate future I am excited to finally put an indoor track and field team in a beautiful new regulation indoor track facility and train like we should.  Then maybe retire after another 25 years. Or, maybe not for another 25 years after that.

Do you have a favorite place on campus?

I don’t do it often enough, but my two favorite spots on campus are sitting in an Adirondack chair behind Hadley Barn and facing west toward the mountains, and eating lunch on the deck of the Kirk Center.

Is there any person on campus (or retiree, former employer) that mentored you, or you feel helped you grow into your job; grow to enjoy your work and your time at the College?               

I have had so many mentors and supporters at Middlebury along the way from my student years and into my coaching years that I cannot name only one. During my student years, Kit Wilson and Kirsten Hoving were terrific. As an athlete and when I started coaching there were many: I coached with or for Mickey Heinecken, Bob Smith, Tom Lawson, Gail Smith and Russ Reilly. They were all very supportive and allowed me to grow.

John McCardell and Ann Hanson were wonderful to work with when I was the Faculty Head of Cook Commons.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new employee at Middlebury, what would it be?

One must keep a balance in their life while working at Middlebury. We are all so dedicated to our students that sometimes we neglect ourselves and our lives outside of work. Exercise, explore Vermont, get to know co-workers socially, and also town people outside of the college in order to maintain that balance.

Painter Hall with frost on trees

Painter Hall with frost on trees

Is there anything else that you would like to share about your time at Middlebury?  It is amazing that it has been 25 years.

Time does certainly fly when you are having fun. I am right where I want to be. I’ve had this feeling ever since I first stepped foot out of the car as a high school senior visiting Middlebury on a snowy day in January of 1980. That feeling of belonging has never changed since.