CBA Blue Communication

CBA Blue has sent out two separate communications recently. 

The first was a Coordination of Benefits form to everyone in our medical plan.  Since our plan is designed to coordinate payment when other insurers are liable for claims, we need to know if you or any of your covered dependents are on another medical, dental or vision plan (including other employer provided coverage, individual coverage, Medicare, etc.) in addition to our plan.  EVERYONE on our health plan needs to please complete the form and return it to CBA Blue in the envelope provided or fax it to them at 888-862-7661.

The second communication from CBA Blue will be new ID cards for those with dental coverage (these are being mailed the week of 1/21/13).  As was announced during Open Enrollment we are now participating in the Dental GRID.  This nationwide network of dental providers will give you access to in-network dentists outside the state of Vermont.  Please discard your OLD ID cards and replace them with these new ones.

If you have any questions regarding either of these communications you can contact CBA Blue at 888-222-9206 or Lisa Hoff at x3372.