Paperless Direct Deposit – Update


Now is the time to switch from a “paper” direct deposit stub to an “electronic” one!

Recent enhancements have been made to the online pay stub. The online version can be used for employment verifications, can be accessed and printed by you at any time, provides an extra level of confidentiality and offers more information to you at a glance. It is a safe and secure method of delivery and also reduces costs for the College.

To enroll, follow the instructions below. Once enrolled, you will receive an e-mail message on each payday notifying you that a deposit has been made to your account(s). The e-mail will include a link to log on to BannerWeb to access your pay stub.

  • Log on to BannerWeb
  • Select the Employee tab
  • Click on Pay Information
  • Click on Direct Deposit Allocation
  • Click in the box after the text “Consent to enroll in paperless direct deposit:”Click the Submit button; a message will appear at the top of the page “Your change was saved successfully.”

For those employees still receiving a paycheck, you may sign up for direct deposit at any time – direct deposit is free, convenient and secure. Click on the following link to access the direct deposit form:

Please e-mail if you have additional questions.


Paperless Direct Deposit FAQ

How will I be notified of my direct deposit?
An e-mail will be sent to your campus address (“” or “”) alerting you that a deposit has been made into your account(s).

When will I receive the electronic direct deposit e-mail?
You will receive the e-mail notification on each regularly scheduled payday.

Where do I find my current CTO/SLR balances?
You can find your balances at the bottom of the pay stub screen, click on Leave Balances; or when logging on to BannerWeb, click on the Employee tab and then click on Time Off Current Balances and History.

What if I want to receive the paper version again?
You may revoke your consent by logging on to BannerWeb and unchecking the Consent box and then clicking the Submit button to start receiving the paper version again.