Apply to Serve on the Environmental Council

Call for Environmental Council staff members:

The Environmental Council (EC) is looking for new members for its 2012-2013 session. The EC is a standing group that has played a longstanding role in moving the sustainability agenda forward at Middlebury College. It is composed of students, faculty, and staff. It advises the College President, administers a grants program and carries out initiatives that will leverage or catalyze the efforts of other groups working toward similar goals.  Read more here and here.

This year the EC will focus in the following areas:

Food and dining
What is the feasibility of growing food for Middlebury’s dining halls in greenhouses between November and April? If a broadly defined economic analysis is applied, how can the greenhouse idea be designed to contribute to the goal of basing the College’s dining services on locally grown food?

Carbon neutrality
What is the current status of the effort to be carbon neutral by 2016? What formula should be used to calculate the net carbon impact from the College’s use of biomass as a fuel source? What could be done to offset any carbon emissions that are considered to be non-neutral?

Greening Athletics
Over the past few years, Middlebury’s athletics have implemented various green initiatives. How can we further engage athletes, coaches and spectators to incorporate sustainable practices into their athletic activities, facilities, and beyond?

The EC has approximately $25,000 available to support student, staff and faculty projects that will advance or leverage the College’s leadership in demonstrating what sustainability thinking, design and action looks like at its best. The EC  uses its grant program to stimulate such projects.

EC members will meet once a month for an hour and half as a full group. Members will also serve on one committee and committees will meet at least once a month and more as needed.

The EC will be co-chaired by Professor Nick Muller and Jack Byrne, Director of Sustainability Integration Office.

To apply, please e-mail with your name, department, and a paragraph describing your interest and motivations for serving on the council by 5 p.m. on September 26.