Staff Council Highlights from July 11 Meeting

Staff Council would like to share the following highlights of our July 11, 2012 meeting.

• Staff Council survey: Staff Council has met with The Planning & Assessment Group (Susan Baldridge’s team) to review the survey questions and discuss timing of the next survey. It was decided there will be a staff survey conducted in the fall.
• Thermal comfort policy: A revised thermal comfort policy has been approved. Supervisors in Facilities and all staff members in Dining have been trained. The policy can be viewed here.
• Speaker Series – Discussion on a speaker series and suggested speakers. We also talked about casual lunches with college leadership to promote stronger relationships.
• Staff/Faculty Golf Tournament: Scheduled for August 15 – for additional information click here.
• Staff Council Standing Committees: Staff Council members have volunteered to sit on the numerous committees. Did you know that all of MCSC’s standing committees, except HR-6, are open to any interested staff members? To view a list of committees and the committee “charge” visit here. If interested in becoming a committee member, please send an email to

The above bullets are highlights from our meeting; read the in-depth minutes of the July 11 meeting here.

Our next meeting is on August 8, 2012 at 9:00 am in Mitchell Green.

Staff Council regular meetings are open to all Middlebury College staff members. Staff members should let their supervisors know if there is a particular meeting they wish to attend. Supervisors will seek to find a positive balance between addressing operational needs and support staff requests to attend these meetings.