HR Update – PeopleAdmin Transition

As you remember from a previous MiddPoints post here, our office is steadily working towards transitioning to PeopleAdmin (PA) as our new applicant tracking system. PA will encompass many processes that are currently handled both inside and outside of Greentree. A few of these processes include:

  • Submitting a requisition for a new job or a replacement
  • Requesting a term extension
  • Updating a job description
  • Making a job offer
  • Notifying HR of an employee resignation

To begin we will focus our efforts on managing new and currently active hiring campaigns. What does this mean to you?  It depends on who you are.

If you are a hiring manager:

  • And have a posting in Greentree, you can expect to hear from us within the next week (if you haven’t already). We will be checking in to see if you are close to the conclusion of your search, or if you will need to transition your posting onto PeopleAdmin.
  • And you plan to post a position in Greentree, you can contact us at, or we will be in touch as soon as we see reqs entered into Greentree to discuss how your req should proceed.
  • And you have documentation in Greentree that you wish to save (position assessment forms, etc). You will have until 6/30 to retrieve these documents.

If you are a search committee member:

  • As active searches are identified we will be contacting you to discuss your new PeopleAdmin search committee account and how you can review and evaluate applicant materials in PA.

If you are an applicant:

  • We will notify you once the PA system is live so that you can create a new applicant account.
  • And you have documentation in Greentree that you wish to save (resumes, cover letters, etc). You will have until 6/30 to retrieve these documents.

Some other things to keep in mind:

  • We will be offering a variety of training materials and sessions in the coming weeks, however our priority for June will be training hiring managers and search committee members for currently active hiring campaigns.
  • After June 30 you will not have access to materials in Greentree. Please review and download any materials that you may need to access after June 30.
  • Your patience is greatly appreciated. We will be working hard to address each constituent’s needs in a timely manner, however we ask everyone to keep in mind that we will be prioritizing our work based on process timelines and individual hiring campaign requirements. In addition, we will be processing employment paperwork for Language School employees towards the end of the month, so delays may occur during this time.

This week’s employment snapshot:

There are currently 2 faculty positions, 1 summer Language School faculty position, 33 external job postings and 1 internal job posting on the Middlebury College employment opportunities web sites.

Employment Quick Links:

Faculty Employment Opportunities: go/faculty-jobs (on campus), (off campus)

Summer Language School Faculty Opportunities: go/ls-faculty-jobs (on campus), (off campus)

Staff Employment Opportunities:  go/staff-jobs (on campus),  (off campus)