Employee Transition

Now that we have had some time to catch up on new employee introductions, we’re pleased to begin including transition announcements in the Middpoints blog. Transition announcements will recognize College employees who applied for and were hired for posted job openings. In this post we extend our congratulations to Jessie Jerry on her transition!

On July 25, 2011 Jessie was hired as the office and budget manager in the Department of Student Activities. Jessie has been employed by the College since 2008 and has held positions as the administrative assistant, operations manager, and administrative scheduling assistant with the Language Schools and MMLA. JJ Boggs, associate dean of students for Student Activities and Orientation, shares that “Jessie brings a wealth of experience from her previous campus jobs to her current role as the office and budget manager for Student Activities. In her short time with us, she’s reorganized the office and developed systems that have greatly improved our efficiency and effectiveness. We’re extremely lucky to have her on our team!”