Electronic W-2 Sign-up

Receive W-2 Wage and Tax Statement Electronically

Employees have the option of receiving their W-2 Wage and Tax Statement electronically. We would like to remind those that have not signed up for this option that it is available. You will have until January 20, 2012 to elect this option.

How to sign up for electronic W-2:
•  Log into Banner Web (Self Service)http://go/bannerweb

•  Click on Employee
•  Click on Tax Forms
•  Click on Electronic W-2 Consent (Please read the consent information carefully, make your choice and then hit the Submit button; you will receive an e-mail notification confirming your selection.)

Note: If you signed up for the electronic W-2 in a prior year, you do not need to sign up again. Your consent is valid for all subsequent years unless revoked by you (please refer to the consent information on Banner Web for more detail). If you do not remember if you signed up previously, log onto Banner Web and go to the Electronic W-2 Consent section. If the consent box is checked, then you have already signed up.

Electronic W-2 FAQs:
Q: What is an “electronic W-2”?
A: This is an option to access and print your W-2 information electronically through Banner Self Service. The electronic version prints out an IRS approved paper W-2.
Q: Why should I choose to receive my W-2 this way?
A: Electronic W-2’s benefit everyone. Not only will you be able to access your W-2 information sooner, but also you have the ability to access and print the W-2 as often as you like. The College saves time, effort and money associated with printing, stuffing and mailing over 5,000 W-2’s.
Q. How do I print my Electronic W-2?
A. Log into Banner Web (Self Service) – http://go/bannerweb and click on the Employee section. Select Tax Forms then W-2 Tax and Wage Statement. Select Tax Year and hit the display button. Select the Print button below the W-2 form to display the current statement for printing. Print a copy for your records and print copies as needed for submission to federal, state, and local entities. Printed copies do not indicate if they are Federal, State, Local or an Employee copy, but the electronic version can be used for any of these filings.
Q. When will my electronic W-2 be ready?
A. You will receive an e-mail from the Payroll Office informing you that the W-2 is available for viewing and printing. Per IRS regulations, W-2’s need to be either postmarked or available electronically by January 31, 2012 for tax year 2011. We will make every effort to have the electronic W-2’s available earlier than January 31, 2012.
Q. What if I do not have access to a printer?
A. Please do not choose electronic delivery if you do not have access to a printer. For security reasons we suggest you avoid using printers located in public areas.
Q: What if my address is incorrect on the printed W-2?
A: You may still file using the electronic copy but you must contact Human Resources to make any changes to your address.

Contact the Payroll Office at payroll@middlebury.edu with any additional questions.