Spring 2011 Course Response Forms

Please be aware that course response forms for Spring 2011 will be arriving in your mailboxes this week. Upon receipt, please check to see that you have received forms for the correct course(s) and that you have received the correct number of forms for each course. If you have any questions or if anything is missing, please contact Madeleine Winterfalcon (443-2007 or mwinterf@middlebury.edu).  Since the forms need to be completed by students during the last week of classes, Madeleine must receive all changes and corrections by Friday, April 29.

Please note: If you are the lead instructor of a team-taught course, you will receive two envelopes for that course. One is for the course and the other is for your individual evaluation.

Also, please take a moment to review the memo(s) included with your forms so that you can remind students about the correct procedure for handling the forms and envelopes. Due to confidentiality issues, it is extremely important that the envelope for each course be sealed before it leaves the classroom.

For faculty teaching in McCardell Bicentennial Hall, please note that there is a drop box in the Armstrong Library where students may deposit course response forms.

Thank you.

Bob Cluss
Dean of Curriculum, Director of the Natural Sciences
McCardell Bicentennial Hall 450