Get Help with Digital Media Projects for Your Courses

Dear Faculty,

I’m writing to invite you to participate in the Digital Media Tutor summer student program. We have received a few requests already, and would like to make sure that everyone is aware of this service before the end of the academic year. Many faculty have worked with student tutors to produce a variety of curricular materials, ranging from sophisticated course web sites to 3d virtual worlds. This is also a good opportunity to talk with a student and a technologist about what is possible.

This summer, under the supervision of Joe Antonioli and Mack Roark and our returning tutors, we have hired a new group of students to assist you. Students will be available to work with you from May 23rd through August 26th, with some working right up until fall classes begin. We can work around your vacation plans.

The objective is to enable you to collaborate with students who will prepare, organize and produce materials while you concentrate on the pedagogical issues.
Projects have included:

    — One on one instruction in a variety of software applications, including, but not limited to: images and document creation (including posters and diagrams); audio (podcasting, voiceovers); video (digital stories, other video applications); and social software (blogs, wikis, LMS).
    — One on one consultations to discuss options and possibilities
    — Development and design of WordPress and MediaWiki sites
    — Conversion from static website to one of the dynamic web platforms
    — Preparations for First Year Seminar courses
    — Digitization of audio or video for use in a course or series of courses
    — Creation of multimedia databases
    — Scanning of documents, printed images and 35 mm. slides for course use
    — 3D simulations and virtual worlds
    — Other interesting ideas you may have

If you are interested in participating in this program, please send an email to Joe Antonioli ( with a short description of your project. Over the next two months we will be making plans to allocate resources, so even a sentence about an idea is helpful. Thank you.

New LMS and the Course Hub

This spring, a new LMS will be chosen to replace Segue. Digital Media Tutors will be available this summer to help orient faculty to the new teaching and learning environment. Also, Tutors will be available to help faculty connect their resources to the new Course Hub.

First Year Seminar

If you are teaching a first-year seminar next fall, you might also consider using a Digital Media Tutor as the educational technology person on your resource team. The summer is a great time to talk with a Digital Media Tutor about your class, and gain a student’s perspective about the use of technology. During the fall semester, this student will be a peer resource for media and technology assignments.

Thank you, again, and we look forward to seeing some of you over the summer.

Joe Antonioli
Web and Interactive Media Technology