Faculty/Staff Lunch Service Ends at Redfield Proctor

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to let you know that faculty and staff lunch service at Redfield Proctor will be discontinued following lunch on Tuesday, April 5.

We had all hoped that once again offering a separate venue for faculty and staff to eat lunch would help to reinforce our sense of community, and many colleagues expressed great enthusiasm for the reopening of Redfield Proctor. Unfortunately, however, the number who actually eat there has been very small. In spite of attempts to boost numbers by scheduling meetings there, and the valiant efforts of supporters, Redfield Proctor has not proven to be a viable alternative to other on-campus options.

At the same time, we have seen continued overcrowding in Proctor at the major lunchtime pressure points. Students sometimes eat standing up, or sitting on the floor, because there are not enough seats. When students made a request through Community Council that they be permitted to share the underutilized Redfield Proctor seating, we recognized that attempting dual use would be likely to decrease faculty and staff numbers further, and decided to devote all Redfield Proctor seating to students.

Faculty Council, when informed of this decision, expressed their appreciation for the dining staff who worked hard to make Redfield Proctor a pleasant and welcoming environment for faculty and staff colleagues. Our thanks to Pat and Margaret for their efforts.


Alison Byerly
Professor of English
Provost and Executive Vice President