Communications Office move

We write to let you know that College Communications has completed its move from 5 Court Street (the Old Courthouse downtown) to Kitchel House (152 College Street), the newly-renovated College building on the corner of Weybridge and College streets, across from Twilight Hall.

The staff members now at Kitchel House are:

Carey Bass, designer (Room 200)

Stephen Diehl, senior editor, public affairs (101)

Tim Etchells, executive director (202)

Regan Eberhart, college editor (103)

Pam Fogg, design director (200)

Matt Jennings, editorial director (203)

Robert Keren, news editor (101)

Blair Kloman, senior editor, communications (101)

Sara Marshall, alumni editor (103)

Nikhil Ramburn, digital media intern (200)

Sarah Ray, director of Public Affairs (201)

Kelly Rizzo, production manager (205)

Maria Stadtmueller, senior College Advancement writer (102)

Mark Zelis, Web producer (200)

Maggie Paine, director of communications for College Advancement, who works closely with College Communications, will also be spending a lot of time in Kitchel House (Room 102).

Please feel free to stop by and check out the new space. Our thanks to everyone in Facilities for their help in overseeing the renovation work, and moving our office.


Tim Etchells

executive director, communications

Middlebury College