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1) Your presence, preparation, and thoughtful participation in diccussions are crucial to this class. The primary sources for AC/AL 201 come from cultural periods significantly different from our own and may, at times, seem rather foreign in their thinking. In every case where an assignment is from the Norton anthology, you should read the brief introductions provided. I have also provided a series of discussion/reading questions for each assignment. These should be considered thoughtfully. Think persistently about the conventions, the repeated patterns, forms, and beliefs that seem to be guiding expression in the sources you examine. Only by pondering, speculating, and discussing the course material, will you come to any meaningful engagement with it and your classmates. In the course of discussion I will feel free to call on students at any time (approx. 25%).

2) At least two blog posts before the middle of the semester (on or before October 18) and at least two after (after Oct 18 and on or before Dec 4). The posts will be evaluated as part of participation in the class. They will often be part of our class meetings.

3) Two 5-7 pp essays. These essays will explore in some detail particular texts or images on the course schedule. Late papers will be marked down a half-grade per day (approx 50%).

4) Final Project, about 8-10 pages. This project will ask you to examine a number of different sources and formulate a broader argument about a range of materials from the course. (approx 25%)

5) The percentages indicated above are guideposts rather than precise measurements.

6) No Laptops or other Portable Devices in Class: You won’t need to have a laptop in class. I’ve tried allowing students to regulate their use of such devices for years, and it’s been a failure. It matters less to me whether an individual distracts himself or herself from the class and much more when surfing the web and checking email distracts others and fosters a broader disengagement. If you have a special reason for needing a laptop, you should consult me and always be in the first row when you use it. I will not feel obliged to remind students about this policy or to ask that devices be put away over the course of the semester, but use of such devices in class will lead to a marking down of your final grade.

If you have a particular and pressing need to use such devices, please discuss that with me and expect to sit in the front row of class.

7) You should be aware of and fully comply with Middlebury’s Honor Code.

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