Scene Discussions/Presenations

SCENE DISCUSSION: Pick two or three brief clips that your group agrees are particularly important to understanding how the film we’re looking at adapts the original text for the screen.  How does it alter or reinforce aspects of the novel?  Film, of course, is a visual medium, so pay attention to that.  How are shots framed?  Where are people and objects within them?  How do color and lighting impact the scene? What do you make of a particular actor’s performance?  How is the movie edited? I’ll be putting some clips in the slides for class.  Don’t just repeat me, but feel free, of course, to use the slides as a jumping off point for your work together.

Logistics: Not every individual has to choose a clip. You could, for example work in pairs and working as an individual is fine. As a group, though, you won’t have time for more than three separate clips.

Sharing: It generally helps to see the part of the film we’re talking about, but the screen share function in Zoom struggles with video. It’s usually almost unwatchable, so don’t count on doing that. Instead, you should put your clips into a shared Google folder, and then paste links to them in the chat. That way, we can take a break for everyone to follow the link and refresh their memories before we begin discussion.