Posting with Your Group

Posting in the right place isn’t complicated, but you’ll have to be sure you’re doing it the right way. Posts should be on the site before midnight (eastern time) on the appropriate day (Tuesday or Thursday):

How to Post:

  1. Links for posts from each group appear just below the reading assignments on the course schedule. Be sure you click on your group’s number to get to the right place.
  2. On the page that opens, add your contribution either by clicking on “Leave a Reply” or using the “Comment” box.
  3. “Leave a Reply” starts a new discussion topic, with the margin pushed all the way to the left.
  4. “Comment” allows you to comment on an already existing post and indents the comment beneath the earlier post.
  5. So, if you want to raise a new point, use “Leave a Reply.” If you want to comment on an earlier post, “Use Comment.”
  6. If you want to post images, video, or audio, you’ll have to post a link to them rather than the objects themselves.