A few comments on the Comprehension – Interpretation – Experience thread and Mulholland Drive… I think our discussion about how a lot of the effect of the film is lost if a viewer attempts to decipher the “meaning” of Mulholland Drive as if it were a puzzle film with one solution was right on target. […]

Psyduck, my favorite Pokemon I just played a listing Pokemon game on this great list site (try naming all the countries in the world in 15 minutes)…only got 84 out of the original 151 Pokemon…not bad for a game I played 9 years ago…videogames really teach kids how to learn systems of interaction, the rules […]

Paper Topic

November 13, 2008 | 1 Comment

Edit: Oof…so I’m back into World of Warcraft after like…8 months. Don’t know how that happened, but there’s an expansion with a new area and a new level cap of 80. Blizzard is really just printing money by now, but I’m enjoying the new level cap, my guild welcomed me back no questions asked, and […]

A bit of a random point, but Matt and I both were discussing a new(ish) Gears of War 2 tv spot (watch it-it’s only a minute) that we both really liked for its cinematic quality. Games are obviously getting increasingly cinematic in their presentation, realism, and storytelling, and it’s nice to see a trailer that […]

Here’s Kyle and my Prestige video. I think the video went over well in class. This assignment initially seemed quite daunting, but once Kyle and I actually sat down and started to brainstorm, the ideas came quickly and developed even more rapidly as we came across more clips scouring the film for appropriate quotes and […]


October 24, 2008 | 2 Comments

Click on David Bowie’s Mugshot or the play button for a link to “After All, my favorite Bowie song. Leslie, I’m sorry Nolan is unbelievably wrong about Tesla…but you gotta enjoy yourself at the movies…pretend a little bit. “Wouldn’t it be cool if the world were like this…” I Loved The Prestige…much more than The […]


October 22, 2008 | 1 Comment

First off, I stumbledupon this article today. I know most of us are seniors and possibly interested in the job market, and although I don’t believe it’s possible to completely eradicate negative information about oneself, it’s good to take steps to control it. So give it a shot…it’s got good preventive and damage control advice. […]

I really like Memento. I like how instead of tricking you, it teaches you how to watch it from the very first shot of a Polaroid in reverse, and the detective work is in the audience’s hands for every single scene. Leonard solves his problem at the same time the audience does, and even though […]

I think it depends. If the director tricks by omission rather than careful placement of clues and suggestions, I might initially like a film, but it won’t stand the test of subsequent viewings. Lavik’s article discusses The 6th Sense and other films famous for their plot twists and the way in which these twists alter […]

Why follow conventions? It’s a question that many of us struggle with anytime traditional narrative structure is brought up, with it’s 3-act structure and goal-oriented protagoniots. but these questions also come to mind: why deviate from what works? (are your motivations economic or artistic) what causes this model to “work” (is it ground-up or top […]

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