I think it depends. If the director tricks by omission rather than careful placement of clues and suggestions, I might initially like a film, but it won’t stand the test of subsequent viewings. Lavik’s article discusses The 6th Sense and other films famous for their plot twists and the way in which these twists alter […]

Why follow conventions? It’s a question that many of us struggle with anytime traditional narrative structure is brought up, with it’s 3-act structure and goal-oriented protagoniots. but these questions also come to mind: why deviate from what works? (are your motivations economic or artistic) what causes this model to “work” (is it ground-up or top […]


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Everyone seems to agree that character in film is considerably different that character in literature. The visual nature of the medium affords the audience opportunity to make assumptions based on a character’s look and motion alone, and this is an important difference from character description and development in literature. We see minutia in appearance and […]

First (of many) Post(s)

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Thanks to Aaron for helping me set up the blog. Sorry I took so long to get started; coming back from summer break is always a pretty difficult adjustment for me, this year more than ever. a strip from “Garfield Minus Garfield,” a hilarious website

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