The process of building narrative as art

The narrative construction of a film has more to say artistically than the simple construction of meaning in the story world.  The contemporary filmmaker stands at an extremely important vantage point as film can and does implicate huge quantities of information about modern ideas of agency, emotion and ethics.  The narrative tools of a filmmaker are his trade mark as they, more than any other device embody both the filmmakers perspective as well as how the viewing public will comprehend what is shown on screen.  As such, I would support the perspective that a filmmakers “art” is more present in the narrative construction of film rather than any other component.  How an artist sees the world has been a source of both delight and dismay since artists existed.  Painters construct and deconstruct the world playing out their visions of the world on paper.  Today, the filmmaker uses his camera lens and more importantly his perception of the world to construct a series of moving images that describe the world we live in.  How a painter perceive and constructs a tree is vastly different seen through the various artistic movements from traditional landscapes to cubism and other modernist ideas of the world. These movements said things about the world we live in as people observed color and shape in different and alternative ways.  I am interested in investigating what contemporary narrative construction says about both the artist who creates it as well as the society at large.  

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