Elise Biette


The common tagline for Middlebury’s January term is “J-term, play-term!”

I’ve never quite agreed with this assessment, but, as a super senior Feb set to graduate at the end of this term, I decided to give it one more good ol’ college try.

My project was an attempt to complete some of the items on my “Senior Bucket List” over the course of this month and document what happened along the way. The things I wanted to do spanned a wide range, so I decided I wanted to treat each as a project in their own right, instead of trying to string together all of the video footage into one final film. Therefore, I made each into their own “episode.” And posted them- and written accounts about my gallivanting- on a blog site.

This class was a wonderful dose of the best kind of madness- please check out my blog link!

Adventures of a Super Senior!