Root7 Launches Exit 1

The first track off Root7’s debut album “Exit 1.” Purchase the full album on itunes: Title: Blown Away Performed by: Root7 Solo: Kayla James Original Artist: Carrie Underwood Songwriters: Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear Arrangement: Joe Antonioli Audio Engineer: Luke Young, Meadowlark Studios Videographer: Scott Barber Film Release Date: June 2017

Apple Tree Care

Adams Apple Orchard and Farm Market

This summer, a friend and colleague asked for advice on how to take care of an apple tree that was leaning, possibly due to the amount of precipitation we had. After a few back-and-forths I mentioned that this should be a post, and now I am finally getting around to…

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Middlebury College Web Makeover

In 2 years, 295 people participated in a project that changed the way Middlebury interracted with the web. Project Manager: Joe Antonioli Designers: White Whale Web Services: Jason Pontius, Tonya Langford, Janie Porche, Donald Tetto, Alex Romanovich Developers: Ian McBride, Adam Franco, Travis Stafford Server and Network Set Up:…

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The Contemporary A Cappella Society Web Site 2008

Migrated from Joomla to Drupal. Project Manager and Developer: Joe Antonioli Stakeholders Group: Joe Antonioli, Alli Brooks, Dave Brown, Stefanie Chase, Christopher Diaz, Matt Emery, Bill Hare, Julia Hoffman, Tim Jones, Amy Malkoff, Amanda Newman, Deke Sharon, Dave Sperandio, Ben Stevens, Chris Tess