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SYNDICATED 3 Ideas – Digital Pedagogy Lab 2018 Reflections

Internet of Things

Colleagues and I attended the Digital Pedagogy Lab at Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg, VA. I am usually one that tweets out quotes and ideas I think are important, retweets the important ideas from sessions I cannot attend, and adds light commentary on the event. This was my first time…

Root7 Launches Exit 1

The first track off Root7’s debut album “Exit 1.” Purchase the full album on itunes: Title: Blown Away Performed by: Root7 Solo: Kayla James Original Artist: Carrie Underwood Songwriters: Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear Arrangement: Joe Antonioli Audio Engineer: Luke Young, Meadowlark Studios Videographer: Scott Barber Film Release Date: June 2017

Reflections on New Realities and #NMC16

The Oculus is set up and ready to go. To prepare for this momentous occasion I attended a pre- NMC Summer Conference workshop on Virtual Reality and the Future of Learning. Maya Georgiva, from New York University, and Emory Criag, from College of New Rochelle, presented a thorough and engaging…

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Quick scholarship and music crossover

Novice musicians can make good music by learning the score, note-for-note, measure-by-measure, and performing it accurately, but great music is created when they listen to the other performers and create a conversation that goes beyond the notation. The same can be said for scholarship, where ideas are shared with melodies…

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Midlife Dissonance

Arranging Party

I am taking a break at the arranging party, letting the pixels dry on the digital scores. This is part of the process: get everything down before going returning and placing everything in an order that tells the musical story. It is essential for a clear eye and a fresh…

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Getting Around is Getting Easier

Charging Station

Before the holiday break, Middlebury installed an ev charging station on Hillcrest Rd., near the Franklin Environmental Center. The station has two ports, and is part of the NRG EVGo network from Green Mountain Power. The Mill Street charging station has also switched to the EVGo plan, moving away from…

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Apple Tree Care

Adams Apple Orchard and Farm Market

This summer, a friend and colleague asked for advice on how to take care of an apple tree that was leaning, possibly due to the amount of precipitation we had. After a few back-and-forths I mentioned that this should be a post, and now I am finally getting around to…

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Frozen Voltage: Commuting in Vermont with an EV

At the charging station

During this time of year I enter night a bit further north every day during the commute. Daylight extends its stay, until I eventually arrive home without my headlights on. It is the toughest time of year to be driving late in the evening, then returning early in the morning….

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Just the Way You Are

This is the opening for the third chapter for the 10K Maniacs assignment, about how my daughter brought us on a journey to learn about how she sees the world, and the people that helped us along the way.

These Are Days

Just Write by Sean MacEntee

This fall begins the next phase of my professional development journey. I will be pursuing an MEd in Interdisciplinary Studies at UVM, my undergraduate alma mater. The flexibility of this program, as well as the proximity, feels like a good fit. The first course I will be taking is Scholarly…

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