De-FAANGing Facebook

by Joe Antonioli, Senior Curricular Innovation Strategist, DLINQ
Facebook and the other FAANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) have been learning about us through our posts, purchases, media consumption, and browsing habits for …

RSS LIS Updates

  • Weekly Web Updates – January 21, 2020 January 21, 2020
    Updates Drupal group 8.x-1.0-rc5 Drupal config_ignore 8.x-2.2 Drupal embed 8.x-1.3 Drupal masquerade 8.x-2.0-beta3 Drupal dropzonejs 8.x-2.0 Drupal entity_browser 8.x-2.3 Drupal config_devel 8.x-1.4 WordPress badgeos plugin 3.4 WordPress jetpack plugin 8.1 WordPress osm plugin 5.3.6 WordPress the-events-calendar plugin 4.9.14 WordPress responsive theme 4.0.3 Fixes and Tweaks The Course Hub now provides links to both the College/Schools’ […]
    Adam Franco
  • End of Library and Information Technology Services Blog at this URL January 21, 2020
    As mentioned in a previous post the library will cease using as its blog platform and instead post all news and library related information at or go/librarynews/. Information Technology Services news is now available at Thank you, Leanne Galletly (Library Web UX Team), please reach out with questions or concerns about […]
    Leanne Galletly

RSS Contemporary A Cappella Society

  • 2022 A Cappella Video Awards Nominees November 22, 2021
    The following are the nominees for the 2022 A Cappella Video Awards. Congratulations to all who participated and good luck to the nominees! The final results will be announced in the first quarter of 2022. Exact details to be determined. Follow us on Facebook or sign up for the CASA newsletter to be the first…
    Jessica Chen
  • Virtual BOSS 2021 Wrap Up! May 24, 2021
    Resolve A Cappella CASA held its last virtual event of the year during the last weekend of April. I think I can speak for everyone who attended when I say that we are all still coming down from yet another a cappella high! BOSS 2021 was full of incredible performances and classes, just like SoJam…
    Melinda Ellis
  • 2021 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Results May 2, 2021
    CARAs 2021 Results List Note: All production credits listed below were provided by the artists during their submission. Submit any corrections to Special Awards Best Non-Scholastic Debut Album Winner: An EARCANDY Christmas (Deluxe), EARCANDY Produced by: Justin Crichfield, Anthony Gargiula, Kavya Borra, Sri Ramesh, Jonathan Tilkin, Taylor Edlin Tracked by: Justin Crichfield Edited by:…
    Jessica Chen