Music at Sixty-Eight Degrees: A Blog For Our Radio Show

Maybe it’s because we don’t have anything else better to do with our free time, but Matt Jennings and I thought it would be fun to establish a blog where we can write about the music we like to play on our radio show, which airs on Friday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. on 91.1 FM. WRMC, Middlebury College radio, located in the Champlain Valley of Vermont . . . you get the idea.

We figured if we saved our extended thoughts for this blog and talked less on the air, we might have more time to play music.  That probably won’t happen, but we really do hope that by blogging about music (in an amateurish yet passionate way), we will encourage other people to share their love of music.  So we invite comments, lots of comments, and will include guest bloggers from time to time.  And we dream of the day when there are many different blogs, hosted by Middlebury music lovers of all kinds, trading suggestions (not music files) about the music they really like.

We expect to blog a couple times a week, and post the playlists from our Friday afternoon show.  That would be from 3:30 to 5:00 on 91.1 FM, WRMC, Middlebury College radio.

So we invite you to tune in: here, on the radio, or by listening to WRMC online.

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