Chrome or Safari browser? Use “Zotero Standalone”

Since most of our FY students seem to be using Chrome & Safari instead of Firefox, it’s a good idea to try out those browsers with Zotero.

  • Download Zotero Standalone from the Zotero site (go/zotero )
  • Standalone is saved to your desktop:

  • When you’re in Chrome or Safari and want to open a citation, you’ll see the familiar Zotero icons (for book, article, newspaper, etc.). In Chrome, the icon is in the same place as FF, at the end of the URL address box.
  • In Safari, the icon hows up in b&w, not color, on the left:
  • Zotero does not open as a pane at the bottom of your Chrome or Safari window. You need to open it up by clicking on the desktop icon.

Generally, everything else works the same as with Zotero Firefox.